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About Community Weekly, and about the founder.


Table of Contents

I'm Anna a recovering overachiever, writer and engineer.

I started Community Weekly to create a hub for creative people online where they can find representation and resources.

What I'm focused on now

With Community Weekly and my independent work I'm focused on:

  • Bringing more context into the creator economy.
  • Fair creator compensation.
  • Designing platforms and systems that support creators and don't capitalize on them.
  • Bring more light into human part of creator economy.
  • Building communities for creators and helping them to scale their communities.


I'm writing seriously and as a hobby.

"Are you a writer, or just a blogger?"  you might ask.

To what I'll say, mom c'mon.

I write on Community Weekly to share my emotions, frustrations and inspirations about creator economy.

I also write for community-driven companies professionally.

My favorite piece of writing is Profile of Substack company.


I love reading. It's the number one thing that can keep me up at night (well that and the new season of Witcher).

I like reading about feminism, philosophy, politics and in romance genres.

My top book currently is No one is talking about this.

Funny and sometimes devastating walkthrough a life that we live online and offline and how different they are.

You can check out my bookshelf on StoryGraph.

Living in Lithuania

I'm currently living in Lithuania, thanks to the Startup Visa that my current startup Kradl got last year.

I'm loving this place it's energetic and chill at the same time.

I love to work alone and with teams

I'm a very simple person.

I like working with teams, friends, other creators, my husband.

And when I get too much of human interaction I go to crab mode and get into my shell to work alone.

My schedule is something like this:

  • no events for 3 months
  • 2 events a day during 1 month

It's a cycle. Some may say vicious cycle, but I'll say it's my cycle!

What I like

A few small but important things that I like.

  • Bojack Horseman the show. I watched it 3 times, probably am re-watching now.
  • Movie review podcasts and video essays. Yes, tell me for 40 minutes why that character was underdeveloped!
  • Coffee. More of it please. But also stop me if I have more then 2 cups.
  • Cute small bookstores. Knygynas eureka! thanks that you exist.
  • Cats. I mean look at my boy Felix here.
  • Random acts of solidarity from strangers and towards strangers.
  • Witcher the game. I played it 3 times. Not planning to stop.
  • Books with unlikable but complex characters.

Things I'm not a fan of

  • Capitalism.
  • Creator economy startups that say "earn by monetizing your audience" on their landing page.
  • Exploitative bosses.
  • Cryptocurrency.