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Community Writing Program

A Program for community-led businesses to set up their content marketing strategy.

Table of Contents

The Community Writing Program is a content marketing program that I tailor for your community-led business on the go. It's your community content writer and content strategist in one place.

  • We help your community to set up goals, marketing strategy, metrics unique for your target market.
  • We help you execute and report on the results.

I will help you start a community writing initiative, align it to your business, your community and your company culture. How it works?

Step 1: Learning from your community

  • I join your community to learn about the type of content you'll need. What your members value, need are excited about.
  • I come up with a few themes that are aligned with your community vibe.

Step 2: We discuss the long-term goals for your business and of your community

  • I sit down with your marketing and community teams to understand your goals and values.
  • Together prioritize and discuss the themes that came up during the first step.
  • Together we come up with unique OKRs and metrics for the content marketing and strategy.

Step 3: We publish the first writing

  • After the discussion I deliver 1 piece of content usually around 600-800 words.
  • I come up with a promotion strategy for the content.
  • I analyze the feedback from the community and the results of the promotion.

Step 4: We publish 3 more writing pieces

  • After analyzing the feedback and promotion results I work on 3 more writing pieces.
  • I adjust the content marketing strategy if needed.
  • I publish the articles and help you promote them.
  • I continually analyze the feedback.

Step 5: Developing the strategy

  • Taking into account the feedback and results that the articles achieved I come up with a content promotion strategy.
  • I provide a list of topics and themes to write for your community.
  • I help set up metrics and reporting for your executive team and investors

Usually on this step the collaboration under the "Community Writing" program ends.

The process will take 1-2 months.

How to start:

  1. We have an onboarding call for 45EUR to see if we are the best fit to help your business.
  2. We sign an agreement.
  3. You pay 2500 EUR (+VAT) upfront for 4 pieces of writing, research, content strategy and marketing.