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How to build a startup, create a community, and build relationships with your customers.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
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I've been running Community Weekly Publication for over 1 year now and know that running a community is a lot of work.

Running a community takes a lot of time and effort. You're trying to:

  • Write useful content and share relevant resources.
  • Create a welcoming environment for your members.
  • Understand your members problems and frustrations.
  • Plan your product in accordance to your communities needs.

And that's not even the tip of the iceberg.

I'm creating this course to help founders and community managers to save time and improve their community every week. To help them integrate within their communities and have impact on their members beyond growth metrics.

You'll benefit from this if:

• You're a founder who wants to create a community-led startup.

• You're planning to start a community.

• You want to be more organized in your community management process.

• You want to track your communities milestones, impact and earnings.

How it works

Every week you get 1 short lesson + a Notion template that will help you implement it in your community.

What's inside

•  8 lessons to help you start and grow your community.

•  Curated library of resources to learn from other people in the field.

•  Community Impact Dashboard, a place to track the impact created by your community.

  • Community chat on discord to keep up with your peers and see how other people progress on their journey.

This is not for you if:

  • You're building community as your business.
  • You want to use community as merely a sales channel.

Current cohort is already in process. When you buy the course you're getting to the waiting list of the next cohort that will start in 3 months. You'll be notified about the start before hand!

The course is available for Community Weekly Pro members.


Anna Grigoryan

Writer, engineer and recovering over-achiever. I bring context into creator economy with Community Weekly newsletter, and help people discover best podcasts out there with Kradl.