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Finding members for your community

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
2 min read
Finding members for your community

Community-led is an email course for founders who are building startups with community as it's driving engine. Throughout 8 weeks you'll receive 8 lessons + Notion template to implement the lesson and improve your community.  

Why it matters:

Now that you know your community and product mission and have an understanding of your target market it's time to think about getting members in.

The people who end up in the community can be:

  • Potential customers.
  • Knowledge workers (journalists, bloggers, youtubers) in your target market.
  • People who don't need your product now, but may need it in the future.
  • Your competitors.

The questions we're striving to answer in this:

  • Who to invite to your community?


This step requires for you to have the following understanding about your startup:

  • How the ecosystem around your target market works, who are they key players in your target market.
  • Your product mission and community mission.
Struggling with your community tech stack? I wrote an article about figuring your technologies out in the Zero to community series.

To get access to the article you need to purchase the Community-Led course or become a member of Community Weekly Pro tier.