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Community mission vs Product mission

How to differentiate between your community mission and product mission.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
3 min read
Community mission vs Product mission

Community-led is an email course for founders who are building startups with community as it's driving engine. Throughout 8 weeks you'll receive 8 lessons + Notion template to implement the lesson and improve your community.

Why it matters:

Previously I wrote about creating a community mission.

The article is "how-to" style, a step by step guide on determining your community mission. However in the scope of building a community for your product we'll talk about specifics of the process.

The questions I'll answer in this:

  • Should your community and product have different missions?
  • How to fit your community in the packaging of the product?

We will talk about concepts like: community-as-a-feature and community-as-a-product.

To illustrate how all of these works I'll take the example of my current product Kradl.

To get access to the article you need to purchase the Community-Led course or become a member of Community Weekly Pro tier.