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Community Weekly is 2 years old. Yay?

The one where I discovery that Community Weekly is 2 years old.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
3 min read
Community Weekly is 2 years old. Yay?

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(Illustration by Nellee Sahakyan)
Hey so recently I logged into LinkedIn. To mark my notification "read" and forget about it for another month. The usual stuff, you know.

The platform kindly reminded me, in one of those notifications, that I mentioned Community Weekly as my workplace 2 years ago.

We have an anniversary folks!

I was thinking to make a grand post about it or launch something new for the occasion, but I decided to just talk to you about these 2 years.

It's been a rough ride, I'm not gonna lie.

I had a lot of thoughts to abandon or sell this project. Had a lot of downtime and self doubt. However, here I am, still writing to you a new dispatch.

Where's Community Weekly now:

💌 1500+ subscribers to weekly free newsletter
💌 8 Pro members
💌 89 sent newsletters
💌 43 members in the private Discord community "Surviving the internet"

These 2 years thought me so much about writing, entrepreneurship and community.

I actually wanted to write about "How much it costs to bootstrap a weekly publication", as I feel like it's an underrepresented topic.

If you have some specific questions you'd like to know more about feel free to reply to this email, and I'll cover it.

Thanks for your support along the way! Wow 2 years, I guess let's make it 3?

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Drawer of Inspiration 🎥
As we're talking about creator funds today, I decided to make the Drawer of Inspiration consistent with the title.

1/ Spatial Communities
How I discovered it: Both Ian and I are in the community Foster.

Why I include the article:
I really like how Ian here talks about the dimensions in the community, and addresses the context that is created in the communities.

While community tech stacks are getting more and more complex. If you're looking for a thing to add I highly encourage you to read the article first. Consider what are the dimensions that you're expanding to with the new tool under your hood. How to support the expansion and how to add building blocks for your members, to encourage the context building.

I love this article. I would say that this was one of the best reads on community topic for 2022.

2/ Spotify closes the Greenroom creator fund
How I discovered it: I read the daily newsletter about podcasting industry.

Why I include the article:
I hate to say "I told you so", but I told you so.

Who am I kidding, I love saying it. I love this! Buahahahahaaa.

In the previous issue I talked about creator washing.

Greenroom was the Clubhouse competitor from Spotify. And the creator fund was the hot new thing they added to wash the creators.

Funny how as the response to the hype that was all around Clubhouse and creator economy, Spotify made 2 major decisions and both are closed now.

"Instead, it’s streaming live audio content in its main app [Spotify] by highlighting top creators through live events and shows."

I guess the lesson here is: don't make permanent decisions for temporary hype?

3/ Should newsletters embrace programmatic advertisement?
How I discovered it: I am subscribed to Simon's newsletter for the last 1 year! A must read for me personally.

Why I include the newsletter:
As any newsletter creator I was struggling with the monetization model for Community Weekly.

With all these 2 years I tried to:

- posting advertisement on Community weekly on and off.
- to use newsletter advertisements for my podcasting project.
- to use newsletter advertisements and cross promotion for Community Weekly.

All those experiments showed that the advertisement would be effective if:
- the newsletter writer has some freedom in creating the advertisement copy for their audience.
- the audience has a good fit for your product.

No Anna, cybersecurity folks won't subscribe for your community newsletter 📨

These ads may be more pricy but they are more effective too. If you're a writer or an advertiser definitely consider this as an option.

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Thank you for your attention!

With love from Lithuania,

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