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Guide to creator funds

Should you apply to creator funds? If yes, then consider these questions, and some helpful resources.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
3 min read
Guide to creator funds

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(Illustration by Leprvic SV)
I started writing this newsletter yesterday with a title "Short checklist for creator funds".

I did not want to write a long list, just a few things to consider when you're applying to a creator fund.

However, the writing went on. So now here's a 1000-word article on what is creator fund, and do you even need it?

In 2021 Alex coined the term "creator washing".

Creator washing is the act of exploiting creators by misleading them to believe your product or service prioritizes creators more than it actually does.

And while I agree with Alex, some creators are seeking funds to apply to.

I wrote a guide on what to look out for in the creator funds, and how to treat them.

Short answer: platforms are not your friends and read the "creator terms and conditions.

Long answer is in the article below.

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Drawer of Inspiration 🎥
As we're talking about creator funds today, I decided to make the Drawer of Inspiration consistent with the title.

1/ Grants for creators
How I discovered it: I found it through reshares of other people in my small twitter circle.

Why I include the newsletter:
Grants for creators is doing an amazing work at finding, curating and sharing the best grants out there for US based podcasters, writers and creators.
You get a newsletter every two weeks with:
- the link to the grant
- deadline
- the target demographic of the grant.

Danielle also organizes grant writing session. I'm very pleased to attend the event, as grant writing is its own state of the art.

The subscription is more than worth it!

2/ Impact Shakers Accelerator
How I discovered it: A miracle happened. I opened LinkedIn, and in the hordes of motivational posts I found something useful.

Why I include the accelerator:
I usually think accelerators are useless. I think they are glorified communities. Programs are all the same. The only important thing that they bring is access to investors.

Wow good luck to me after this hot take 🔥

It's so rare that I find an acceleration program I want to apply to. The diversity of options is one of the things that got me. It's not a one-size fits all program. But different ways the team helps startups: microgrants, venture funding, incubation program, masterclasses, etc.

Another rare thing is focusing on European market.

No C-Corp needed, ah a relief.

I'll be attending their Q/A session next week, so maybe you'll have a little update on this soon.

3/ Gravity by Orbit Model
How I discovered it: A friend sent this one to me with a message "I hope you applied, because if not, you should."

Why I include the magazine:
Maybe it's some kind of nostalgia but I miss magazines, and everything that has magazine in it brings me joy.

Okay, now seriously. Orbit is doing something I've rarely seen in startup scene.

Collaborates with independent creators, and actually pays them. Bring the awards, we found a good startup.

If you're into community and want to be paid for your writing, it's a match made in heaven for you.

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With love from Lithuania,

Thanks for your attention.


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