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Unity in time of war

How Europe is acting on Ukraine and how to replace your social media presence.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
4 min read
Unity in time of war

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(Illustration by Milena Mitkova)
Since February 24 we've been glued to never-ending news cycle about the war in Ukraine.

I'm not Ukrainian, however as any person who grew up in post soviet union country I know people there and I have friends that are Ukrainian.

Every person who grew up in a post-soviet union country understands to their core what is happening: it's an act against humanity in attempts to glue together dreams of the dictator. Nothing more.

I want to step back and give space in here to people who've been doing monumental work in supporting people in and out of Ukraine during the war:

💙 Michele Hansen organized a campaign that raised more then $20,000 for support of refugees and Ukrainian small businesses.
💛 Max Haining launched UK homes for Ukrainians, where refugees are connected with individuals in UK who are ready to share their home.
💙💛  Oleg and Lera launched a job board for Ukrainians who came to Lithuania.

Unity is what makes us stronger. I'm sure those are just one of the hundred projects out there that support people from individual action to government action.

For me it just means there's hope in times of war. There always is good and love out there.

Слава україні! Героям слава!

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Drawer of Inspiration 🎥

1/ Crazy pitch experiment
How I discovered it:

Nothing crazy here, I'm just subscribed to Podcast Gumbo newsletter. I love the style and wit in there, just up my alley.

Why I include the article:

I talk about my disdain towards social media on this newsletter for a while now. And as if some 0100001 listened to me on the internet and I opened Paul's issue. Turns out he has the same feelings.

What if you open your calendar to everyone who's subscribed to your newsletter and let people book 10 minute time with you? That's what Paul did. You can book a time with him and talk about your podcast (because his newsletter is about podcasts).

And so I did. I booked a meeting, we talked for about 10 minutes about my podcast and why I choose the topic that I choose. Took a google meet picture and said goodbye.

Isn't it magical? Yes. Better then exchange on twitter with 5 emojis to express some emotions? Yes.

I think I'll give this experiment a shot one day too! Check his newsletter out if you're interested in discovering podcasts.

2/ Nobody cares about your website except for you

How I discovered it: I'm subscribed to People vs Algorithms newsletter

A quote I loved:

Think about how hard the digital media world is to describe to an outsider. “So you are a digital media company, huh. You guys make websites?” Aghast, you respond, “Actually we are a fully distributed media company, our content is everywhere. Yes, we do sell banners and stuff, but we hate banners. Most of our ads are content, just like the rest of the stuff we make. We also make money selling products to readers but we never pitch stuff we don’t love ourselves.” They reply, “So you guys are like, bloggers?”

More often I've been thinking when I start a new project "uhhh, I need to make a website for this".

Then it starts you know.

Finding website building platform.

Buy a domain.

Create a mailing address.

Connect an ESP to the CTA.

Add all the links to the bottom of the website so they can find out everywhere we are.

You know like a glorified Linktree.

I remember there was a time (good old days of my youths) that each page on the website needed to have 1 single purpose and 1 single CTA. Is it possible now?

I want people to subscribe to this newsletter, attend my events, join the community. All of that or at least 2 of 3. So what should I do?

Of course I can generate a Goop-ish tagline:

"Come join the unique branded experience on our digital garden of wellness". And proceed to sell Buddhism courses on my website. But maybe there's a different answer?

I use profile instead of Linktree. And you know it's so easy. Just a list of links I work on. No pictures, no "hero sections", no copy essentially.

Rob Fitzpatrick made his Circle community his landing page. Even more radical.

In the internet culture where generalism is becoming more acceptable, what a website should look like?

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