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Taking thigs one step at a time

How podcast can help you increase your network and connect with more people.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
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Taking thigs one step at a time

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My guest today is Neville who runs quite a few projects.

  • Podcast and newsletter for digital nomads of the future Never Normal.
  • Quality Questions newsletter and community where you learn how to apply advice on self-improvement and personal development.
  • Online marketing agency Nempora.

My strategy with this podcast is to have short, less than 30 minutes episodes. However, with this one, it was very hard to keep that requirement, as editing something out felt like removing some important wisdom from the conversation.

The purpose of this podcast was to talk about the podcast (meta I know!) that Neville launched for his project Never Normal.

A few things struck very true to me in this episode.

  1. Podcasting can be just a great way to connect with people

Podcasting can be used for different purposes: increasing sales, establishing your personal brand, building a podcasting studio, and so on.

However, sometimes it's just a reason to book a call with someone and have a thoughtful conversation with them.

Adding the pressure of revenue generation and establishing yourself in an oversaturated might as well take the fun out of the process.

2. Podcasting doesn't need to be a lonely journey

Starting a podcast is hard because of the issues in discovery and oversaturation in some niches. But also because you usually don't have a stable feedback loop with your audience it's hard to stay on track.

The process includes a lot of pieces: finding the right tech stack, discovering guests, editing, distribution. Each step on it's own is not hard, however, when you combine the workflows it can become intimidating.

Akimbo a workshop for podcasters led by Seth Godin is a cohort-based course that helped Neville to deconstruct the process into bite-sized pieces, with the added ingredient of community.

Another underestimated factor is being a co-host of a show. I have been a co-host of Communities Show for the majority of this year, and it helped me tremendously to understand what kind of podcast I want to create myself.

Becoming a co-host for a show, helping someone to edit a show or market it, can be a great starting point for a podcaster.

If you want to start a podcast just to talk to people the number of downloads should not matter, your satisfaction should matter.

If you want to start a podcast for your community, the number of downloads should not matter, the community impact should matter.

Your purpose dictates the journey.

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