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Newsletters as marketing strategy and inspiration swap

Collaboration with Threado, and sharing the inspiration.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
3 min read
Newsletters as marketing strategy and inspiration swap

A few issues ago I said that I'm outsourcing my collaboration efforts. And to be honest I did not expect a lot of responses to that issue.

Usually we have some kind of silent conversations, where I send you what I've been thinking about, and you sometimes reply or sometimes not.

But that issue was special, and I got a lot of answers. Which makes me so happy. I love coming back to my inbox and see new emails there from you!

So as a result of some replies, we'll be having new things for the upcoming few weeks! Today's special collaboration is with Threado. They kindly curated a Drawer of Inspiration for you, and shared some things that they find interesting about community, and I also curated a list for their newsletter!

By the way if you want to curate a list on creator economy or community, drop me a line.

I'd love to expand this Drawer of Inspiration collab, everyone has their sources, let's open those up!

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I booked A LOT of newsletter ads📖

I've been building a startup for podcast listeners lately, and as any founder I've been doing marketing for it.

One of my long term goals was to support other newsletter writers and use newsletters for advertising purposes... so I did.

In my new article I'm talking about my experience of buying advertisements in different newsletters for promotion purposes.

I talk about:
- budgeting,
- finding the newsletters,
- advertisements types.
- my results.

I hope this will help other founders to figure out if newsletter marketing is something that they can benefit from.

Threado’s Drawer of Inspiration

Here are some links that inspires us at Threado.

Focusing on the present while building for the future

How I discovered it? - Spotify!

Why I include this? - “This podcast gives a peek into what building in the creator economy is like. The difficulties, the rigor and the passion it takes to build anything. I specifically like how they talk about failure. Lot to implement in your everyday life!” says Hritika Singh, Chief Meme Officer at Threado.

On Imposter Syndrome

How I discovered it? - While doing a case study on Atlassian

Why I include this? - “It's important because the founder opens up about his battle with imposter syndrome, how he made his peace with it, and eventually built Atlassian.” says Priyanshu Anand, Content Associate at Threado

To ship or to not ship

How I discovered it? - Scrolling through twitter.

Why I include this? - “This particular tweet by Max Haining pushed me to keep on building. It was wonderful see the support from the community! Few days later, I built and shipped Community Jarvis (free templates & automation guides for your community builders) from scratch!” says Shalini Tekwani, Head of Growth at Threado.

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