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Build Community Culture

3 rituals that can help you cultivate community culture.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
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Build Community Culture

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By now we have talked about community mission, pricing, tech stacks and metrics. And now we will discuss possibly one of the most important parts of cultivating a community: the culture.

We have established an example for our community of podcasters. Now let's see how we can cultivate rituals that are aligned with the mission of the community:

starting podcast painlessly

Let's talk about the types of rituals you can create inside your community:

  • Accountability rituals.
  • Sharing rituals.
  • Helping rituals.

Each community can have 1 or all 3 of those rituals. In this articles we will talk about all 3 of them.

Accountability rituals

Accountability rituals are mainly centered around  helping members stay in line with their goals.

If your community is working towards accountability culture there are a few ways you can implement it:

  • establish a routine for members where they are sharing their goals, successes and failures.
  • establish a routine where they can be teamed up with "accountability buddies" or small "accountability subgroups" inside your community.

This helps them to not only be accountable to the whole community, but also cultivate a strong connection between some other members.

For our podcasters community, accountability rituals can be:

  • Sharing podcast statistics weekly.
  • Sharing the podcast progress (how many guests booked, how many episodes published, etc).
  • Sharing growth strategies weekly.

A great example of accountability community is Weekend Club.

Sharing rituals

Having sharing rituals is about creating a space where members can share and learn from each other.

If your community is working towards sharing and co-creating culture there are a few ways you can implement it:

  • establish rituals that encourage sharing the work and asking for feedback.
  • establish rituals that encourage giving feedback to each other by the members.
  • establish rituals for collaboration between members.

For our podcasters community, sharing rituals can be:

  • Cross-promotion of each other's podcast.
  • Editing, art and other task outsource inside the community between members.
  • Giving feedback to each other's episode.
  • Creating an internal guests directory.
  • Sharing of podcasting tools and equipment.

A great example of sharing community is Indiehackers.

Helping rituals

Okay, let's face this I made up the names on spot so Helping rituals are not the scientific way of saying this. But hopefully you'll get the point :)

Helping rituals are the ones that help your members not only share but also grow inside your community. When I say help, I mean a culture inside the community that encourages giving back.

If your community is working towards helping culture there are a few ways you can implement it:

  • create mentorship programs inside your community.
  • create peer-to-peer knowledge exchange programs inside your community.

For our podcasters community, helping rituals can be:

  • events and interview with podcasters who already have established shows.
  • when a member passes a certain milestone (let's say publishes 10th episode) they do a lessons learned for the community.
  • members breakdown their podcasting setup.
  • members breakdown the editing pipeline.
  • members breakdown their distribution pipeline.

A great example of helping community is Frauvis.

You've made it to the last edition of "Zero to Community" series. Hooray! A byte-sized articles for up and coming community managers. Hope you enjoyed and you can find other parts of the series here.e

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