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Happy 2022! Yay, This is fine!

Launching a course for community-led founders!

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
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Happy 2022! Yay, This is fine!

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Welcome to 2022!

Oh wait, it's already February.

The first month of the year swept by and I didn't even notice it. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

Most of my time starting from late November and January took me working on the startup I'm going to launch this year.

If you missed my year in reviewupdate I'm excited to launch a product for small creators. And all my time was dedicated to talking to creators and doing intensive customer interviews.

My target is to talk to 100 creators to understand their problems and build a product that is addressing their pain points, and creating a community for those creators from the beginning was a must.

So currently I'm building a startup, and a community for the startup at the same time. Yay so much to think about and juggle.

Support Community Weekly

As you may know, Community Weekly makes money through direct support of members.

My goal is not to turn Community Weekly into a paid-only newsletter. Quite the opposite: I’d like to keep the newsletter free for everyone, but offer paying members a range of ‘Pro’ features that don’t take away from the experience for non-paying readers.

So far, these features include:

1/ Courses: simple short courses for members on how to run a community led startup. Example a course "Community-led" that kicks off this February 15, guides on "Audio first community", guide on "How to compete with free content".

2/ Occasional founder updates: as building a startup for creator economy is becoming huge part of my day to day experience. Pro members will also have access to my regular updates, on how I approach building the startup. The updates include: market/customer research approach, funding journey and much more.

Drawer of Inspiration

1/ Sane podcast with Sari Azout

How I discovered it
I am ashamed to admit how much time I spend on twitter, and how much information I find there. And this podcast is one of them. I'm a fan of Sari's work and her framing of issues of the internet.

What's inside
The episode I'm sharing is about the problems with the internet, how we shape technologies and how they shape us. Google as a search engine influenced how we interact with information because of SEO, and now more then ever there's this need of non-algorithmic recommendations.

Context > Links
Context > Clout
Nuance > Hot take

The podcast goes into the conversation of how to fix the internet, background of Sari and her startup, and refreshingly doesn't give solutions. Rather then a discussion on technology agnostic ways we can consume, curate and create content.

2/ How to do nothing: Resisting the attention economy book

How I discovered it
I learned about this book awhile ago through a talk on youtube, however did not buy until last week. The reason "I'm too busy to read a book" and if that's not ironic I don't know what is.

What's inside
From the title you'd assume it's a long winded twitter thread-esque book about how our attention is sold by media companies. And... maybe? But I'd say it's an exploration on how people have been trying to resist attention economy before and now. How art is changing (for better or worse) because of attention economy. And most importantly: what happens when we finally sit still without scrolling.

3/ What podcasting industry can learn from book publishing twitter space

How I discovered it
Twitter... again... deep shame.
I'm following Arielle because and that's how I got into the space. Obsession with twitter and podcasting.

What's inside
I think as internet culture shapes into new layers we need to address the discovery issue not only for podcasts but also for books and longer form content. This twitter space explores how two industries are similar and what each of them can do for another. Really fascinating space packed with professionals talking about experiences of indie creators in marketing and promotion.

Thanks for your attention.

With love from Lithuania.

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