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Audio-first communities

Explore audio-first communities and how to build them

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
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Audio-first communities

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It's been a while since I left personal message in the beginning of the newsletter. There are a lot of reasons for that, but today I want to restart that tradition.

First of all I want to say thank you to people who took the 1:1 calls with me.

It was very fun to meet some of you (or maybe better word is e-meet you). I'm very grateful that this small audience is making such cool communities and how mindful you are with your community building practices.

As always I want to know how can I help you and improve the newsletter. So please share your experience with Community Weekly so far by taking this small survey (only 5 questions).

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Thanks in advance!

TL;DR of Community Weekly #20:

  • Opinion: Audio-first communities. The Clubhouse effect, face of young Bill Murray, 8 months and still no idea how to make audio-first communities a better place.
  • Community analytics - the most annoying part of building a community and why "borrowed" platforms can't help with that process.
  • Let your community members fuel your content pipeline by helping them grow.
  • Superpeer launched new feature "Channels" and now it's a subscription management platform where you can also livestream.

Weekly originals

Original articles from me

Opinion: Audio-first communities

Overview of a fairly new segment in community - audio-first communities. I'm exploring the Clubhouse effect that we saw this year and also where are we in terms of understanding the use cases of audio-first spaces.

3 ways to improve your content pipeline

How can you use your internal community content to improve the engagement? 3 easy to setup ways to improve your community engagement and incentivize your members to share the word about your community.

Tools for builders ⚒️

Behold, have you heard about open-ai GPT-3? You wanted to see what that beast is capable off? Then you can totally check out Of course it's not the only reason. You can also use it to get rid of one of the most hard tasks in indiehacking - like writing a good description for your project, or copy for your website. It's pricy and I'm wholeheartedly hoping that they will add some kind of SEO check functionality to get it.


I found this tool deep in the rabbit hole of producthunt feed. It's a cool way to convert your favourite newsletters (like this one, haha) into a podcast episode and listen to it.

Superpeer channels

One of the most interesting launches this week. I'm loving Superpeer as a way to manage my calendar and also take consultation calls. The biggest feature for me is that they don't give out my email address when the meeting is booked (what calendly for example does). When I saw that they are rolling out subscriptions and, wait for it, livestreames, I was super excited. Livestreaming can seem like something very simple, however there's a check of a learning curve. And I'm happy that there's a tool that simplifies that process.

Finds all of the www 🦄

SignalFire - this report has been sitting in my pocket links for a while now and I  was kinda show that I did not share it before.

Creator economy is still so fresh and new, however the market is already booming. Advertiser interest is present, thus there's a semi-reliable way of making money in the industry.

The shocking fact to me how many tools for content creators are out there, however, none of them is not covering the a to z journey of content creators evolution. The industry is fragmentized, because each of the tools is covering a very specific niche.

What do you think should creator tools be big all in one platforms? Or having different content stacks is normal?

Also the report says that Instagram is the most popular app for influencers. That did not age well.

"Managing Up" to Achieve Developer Community Success

Developer communities are very much the first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking about communities a few years ago. It's a natural place to gather ask questions and receive answer. It's hard to hold the industry knowledge especially when it's ever-changing. The article explores the idea and success stories of developer communities and what makes them unique.

Audio first communities

Another monumental work on audio communities by Danielle, who has 10+ year experience in the community management. The curated article and the resource as a whole is looking into audio-first communities well before the Clubhouse, and tracks the progress up to now.

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