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Open call for collaboraiton

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
3 min read
Open call for collaboraiton

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I've been in the reflection mode (I feel like I always am!) about Community Weekly.

One of the things I share today in the "Drawer of Inspiration" is a resource that helps with cross-promotions for podcasts.

This year when I was planning for Community Weekly I wanted to do more collaborations. Write with different writers, co-write newsletters, make newsletter swaps and takeovers with other publications.

Somehow all those efforts stopped at the level of "oh it would be nice to do something with so and so".

Now 5th month of 2022 😯 started. And I still have not achieved a lot of goals I had for Community Weekly. So maybe I should change that?

The answer: I'm crowdsourcing my cross-promotion efforts 😅

If you're reading this newsletter and would like to collaborate to write an article together or a newsletter, simply hit reply!

Let's work together on something awesome.

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Drawer of Inspiration 🎥

1/ Zero to community in audio
How I discovered it: What can I say, this is shameless self-promotion. What do you expect it's my newsletter after all.

Why I include the audio:
I actually recorded the series with Knowable team last year, but shared it couple of times. For anyone who enjoyed Zero To Community series I did last year, this is the audio version of the articles.

The team at Knowable really took care of everything, the interview, recording and publishing. And I enjoyed this experience of working with them very much. Listening to my work on Knowleble is another great way to support this publication.

2/ Cross promotion database for your podcast
How I discovered it: I follow Lauren the founder of Tink Media on twitter.

Why I include the article:
Doing cross-promotions is extremally hard. You need to find someone who's work you like, see if you have the right audience fit, reach out, see what type of collaboration they want, and if there's a fit between your visions.

Lauren's database takes the friction out of the process.

You directly see what other creators are looking for and how you can collaborate. So if you have a podcast and are looking to do a feed swap or trailer swap, this database was made for you!

3/ Creator Economy?
How I discovered it: At first my friend sent me this article last year, when it just got published. But at the time I was still thinking that meritocracy is a thing.

I discovered the article again last week in a Every's discord server. Love how things come full circle.

Why I include the article:
As a founder and creator of a newsletter that targets other creators I'm constantly thinking about one thing.

Where's the line between supporting creators and capitalizing on them?

Quote I loved "I wonder whether the creator economy, as it matures, will resemble less of its original promise (a way for people to do the things they love), in favor of a “creator industrial complex.” Part of the problem is that creativity comes in fits and starts, and can’t always be tamed into a predictable routine."

Nadia here points out the effect that we're seeing across all verticals. Only a certain types of "monetizable" and "safe" creators get attention. The creators that can generate revenue for platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

Contrapoints a creator I admire won't be able to support her craft on those platforms as she posts 1 video a year. However her video essays talk to millions of people on complicated topics that are just not monetizable by platforms that are "playing safe".

As we build the tools that support creator economy how we make sure that Call Her Daddy and Contrapoints are playing with an even deck?

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