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Are podcast tours a good idea?

The one where I talk about my marketing problems.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
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Are podcast tours a good idea?

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Heavy rains visited Vilnius this past week.

I usually go to coworking 3-4 times a week, but because the rain was too heavy I decided to stay in.

During last week I also was doing active coding for the first time in a year.

It's been more then 2 years since I'm running this newsletter. And seems like I tried everything:

  • Launching on producthunt.
  • Doing cross promotions with other newsletters.
  • Publishing twice a week.
  • Being active on Twitter.
  • Being active on LinkedIn.
  • Being active on Polywork.
  • Being active on 225747 discord communities.

Now, I discovered a new way to do promotion.

Podcast tours 🙌

Essentially, you find let's say 20 "interview style" podcasts in your target market and pitch yourself as a guest. So in the end you'll have episodes coming one after another.

Wow a marketing campaign is ready.

While I love this idea, and low key already started my pitch crusade, I have to say it takes a lot of time and energy to do this.

There should be talent agents for creators, am I right?

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What it means to be pro-creator company?

For June's monthly essay I want to explore what it means to be a pro-creator startup.

A lot of companies launched last year and all of them have ~magical words~ on their landing pages.

The essay would be focused on existing companies that target creators and their terms and conditions.

The desired output is to have a guide or scale as to understanding what are the best benefits for creators that can be developed by startups.

You can help me, and participate in the writing process, by submitting your questions or thoughts on the topic below.

Drawer of Inspiration 🔔

1/ How to run a podcast PR tour
How I discovered it: I made tweet asking people to share their experiences doing podcast tours, and got the link in replies.

Why I include the podcast: 1 hour for a podcast is very long, even for me, a fellow lover of long content.

Quote from the episode: "Add a “5-Minute Favor” where you do something to be kind, helpful, or deliver value to them that shows up within the first 5 minutes of your engagement with them. This could be a thoughtful and personalized review of their show, it could be buying their book and leaving them a review"

I like that it's super easy to end up with a strategy after you listened the episode.

2/ Ultimate list of 100+ podcasts
How I discovered it: I found it in Indie women slack community.

Why I include the product: I mean I know a lot of things and people on twitter and creator economy, but I don't have a mental capacity to remember every single person who has a podcast.

So I got this list that contains list of podcasts, blogs and creators where you can pitch yourself as a guest.

The research is done mainly targeting SaaS founders and to some extent can be used for creators too.

Now all I need is one solid day of pitch writing.

3/ Rephonic
How I discovered it: Again my tweet really helped with discovery. Twitter is not that bad after all.

Why I include the product: If I give $99/month to any service, it will not be Rephonic. Most likely it will be Ahrefs.

However, I think Rephonic covers a niche that is open for marketing agencies and brands. So if you're interesting to automate all the pitching to the guests, following your competitors or target market mentions in the podcasts, this might help.

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