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Community Weekly update

Times they are changing

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
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Community Weekly update

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I started Community Weekly 2 years ago in hopes to help founders and community builders to bring people together online in light of Covid-19.

From day one, our audience was highly engaged, and the community gravity was high.  I launched the paid membership in May 2021 to build the golden resources for creators, founders and independent community people.

The journey of creating online can be full of ups and downs, and iterations. I published 15 articles for members, a course on audio communities, a mini course on creating community led companies a few deep dives into creator economy startups.

However, every exciting journey comes with its own sets of changes and tough decisions to make. After long internal debates with myself mainly I decided to end paying membership.

Still want to support the publication?

If you want to still support the publication then you can set up small yearly donation of $20/year.

A new direction

Community Weekly is still here, with:

  • Weekly free newsletter curating the creator economy and community building scene
  • Events to support creators and founders in their journey.
  • Monthly essays and deep dives into creator economy.

Thank you for believing in Community Weekly and support when I was just starting my journey as a creator.

Hopefully one day in future I'll be able to recreate the goals I had in mind for this resource, but for now this it it :)

What’s next?

I cancelled your memberships so you won't be charged for the next period. You still can get access to the resources when you log in.

You have access to the Discord server.

On Community Weekly

Anna Grigoryan

Writer, engineer and recovering over-achiever. I bring context into creator economy with Community Weekly newsletter, and help people discover best podcasts out there with Kradl.