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How do you keep up with the news?

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
3 min read
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Hi friends!
I will admit that I'm subscribed to too many newsletters. This week I was painfully aware of that.

I'm sure you heard the news that Joe Rogan is not doing particularly well with his deal on Spotify. I know it, you know it all the 2000 people tweeting about creator economy know it. And of course, newsletter writers know it.

In my inbox I got at least 3 newsletters reciting the same thing:

"OMG ring the alarms, Joe Rogan is losing influence"

"OMG insider from Gimlet media says Spotify sucks at distribution"

I think the "tech niche" and specifically "creator economy niche" are going in circles. In my opinion, even if the newsletter is doing news roundups it's important to be creative or at least personal with your takes. Otherwise, you risk being just one of the 3 (in the best case) newsletters in someone's inbox.

The Tech industry will always be ahead of a lot of trends. For example, content curation is a thing over-exhausted for the tech industry and undervalued in other niches.

If you curate content for the technological segment you run on the risk to be repeating what everyone else is saying. And that's the reason appreciate newsletters that don't try to keep up with the news. But give their unique perspective on the niche.

I'm curious how do you keep up with the news? And how are you "evaluating" your information sources?

Drawer of Inspiration

1/ 23 people who are building products on Notion and made it their business.

In my opinion, Notion had a massive impact on the creator economy. Their product empowered a lot of people to share their knowledge in a structured way, and make a profit from it. Not only you can create information products, digital downloads on Notion, but now with a very flexible API, you can also build on top of it, using Notion as a back-end or admin panel.

In this thread I'm sharing there are 23 projects 2 of which are marketplaces for creators in Notion. You can discover something for your workflow, support a fellow creator, or just admire the whole Notion effect.

2/ Tokenized communities: how to grow them?

I swear if you have seen my Twitter bookmarks from the last couple of months you'll be bombarded by crypto and DAO stuff.

I'm in the beginning stages of understanding the whole market. This article from Seed Club, one of the most well known DAO community, debunks a few ways you can do that. There's also an interesting question from the reader who wants to get more info on what I think about it down below.

3/ Curation and Note taking (Pro members)

Curation is an undervalued skill. With curating articles, books or podcasts you are able to tell stories in a unique way, without creating original content. However, I think the curation game would not be as high as it is now, without appropriate tools that are supporting the curators.

In this article, I talked about note-taking apps, how they changed, and what opportunities entrepreneurs in the curation space are missing.

Question from a reader: So where do you stand on adding crypto to communities? I'm feeling FOMO but at the same time I don't understand what it is?

I love this question, and actually, I'm asking myself this question a lot. Crypto is such a word that can draw a lot of attention, buzz, and hype around it. And at the same time, it feels like an "inside joke" for a very specific group of people. The jargon is complicated and everything has it's origin stories (seems like a never-ending Marvel metaverse with tangled storylines).

I think the best advice is to find a person with whom you resonate in the space.

For me it's Julia Lipton she's twitting, and writing on Mirror (a crypto-based platform for writers) about DAO's, protocols, and is debunking a lot of myths around the space. There's also a list of people who you can check out.
After you found a person you are resonating with, look around for projects that might interest you. For example, for me, it's Station and Mirror and just goes from there.

Either something will resonate, or not. You don't need to have crypto just because.

However, I understand on FOMO, I started to follow a lot of people in the space and it seems like every day they are making $1,000,000 decisions. Which I understand, because the space is really hot and underregulated.
Turn on your slow mode and take your time.

P.S. basically with these 250 words I wanted to say, I don't know 😂

Thanks for being part of this community!

With love from Lithuania.

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