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Community Engagement

Enigma of community engagement unpacked

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
2 min read


This week was probably the most productive for 2021. I'm finally seeing how my designed productivity systems are bringing in results. I don't have to worry about the content I need to write, how to promote it and stuff like that.

Sometimes we drive ourselves crazy into a never-ending cycle of stress and anxiety that we created for ourselves. Which almost always leads to burnout.

I'm grateful for the freedom that I have currently to work on my passion projects, and I'm grateful for you folks.

Hopefully this is my way to share the knowledge I have to make someone's day and workflow a bit easier.

🦄 Originals from Community Weekly

1) Community Engagement (4 min read)

I think we all are running after some kind of enigma of community engagement. Everyone is talking about it, but there's no way to measure it. In the article I'm talking about engagement and the ways you can improve it. Also 4 metrics you can use to measure your community.

2) How to start a mastermind group (4min read)

In this article I'll talk about how you can use mastermind groups for your community and how it can help you to monetize your product.

3) SEO workflow (4 min read)

In this article I want to share what are my SEO practices, and I will focus on two things: what tools I use and what's my current SEO workflow.

4) I was a guest at DevRel events Youtube show about communities, where I talked about how to manage paid communities.

I talked about my experience of managing a paid community, how we launched on ProductHunt and also gave a hot take on Clubhouse.

⚒️ Tool highlight

Luma is a tool that I used a while ago, and at the time I just used it to build a nice page for my event. However, today I discovered that they built an awesome product on top of what they had.

1) you can create memberships inside Luma,

2) you can have private newsletter inside Luma,

3) you can host awesome zoom meetups inside Luma.

Which means Luma can essentially be a place where you host event based community with a private newsletter.

They take 5% of income on top of stripe fees for the membership tier. Think this is something to check out if you're running event based community.

✨ Community around the web

Creators are raising money this week

The founder of YEN raised 4 million during the building process. Today he shared his pitch decks that he used in the process.

Circle a white label tool for creators and community managers raised 4 millions to improve and scale their existing product.

Mixily has an article on building a community on clubhouse.

Do you have time anxiety? I do, and if you do too, here's an awesome video by the founder of NessLabs on how to escape it.

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You can book a consultation on community building and digital media on superpeer.

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