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Year of creators

Let's make the life of creators easier together with this tools

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
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Year of creators

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The first day of 2021 went pretty well.

As promised in the last issue, in this one I'll be sharing the best finding for content creators.

Tools and resources that you can consider to make your life as a creator and community manager a bit easier.

Community newsletter - YEN.FM

It's perfectly normal to have your newsletter (or other content) tailored to one of the following group: a specific niche of public or companies, brands, and corporations. The YEN newsletter is specifically created by creators and builders. A daily newsletter talking about everything you can think about: interviews with creators, content breakdowns, community tips.

Event manager - MeetButter

MeetButter is one of the best workshop tools I've yet seen. It seems like the team thought about everything. Agenda, pools, collaboration, rooms, moderation, and more. If you're planning to replace zoom, and try to monetize your community with AMAs, workshops, or events, MeetButter is the one tool you should give a try.

Community platform - Genevachat

Genevachat is an up and coming community management tool that can be (possibly) the one that is close to an all-in-one platform. It has the best of both worlds (slack and discord lol): audio and video channels, text-based channels (of course), special announcement channels, and more. If you're looking for a substitute to circle or discord this can be one place for you.

Newsletter management platform - Ghost

The newsletter is arguably the easiest way to get into writing. It's easy to manage and start however the tech that you need to get familiar with is, hmmm, a lot. You need a landing page, email service provider and connect everything. While there are platforms to make that process smoother (Substack and LetterDrop), I want to introduce a wildcard.

Ghost is an open-source CMS that recently started to add newsletter functionality into its stack. So you can easily send your blogs as newsletters and have the archive of the issues as posts.

Streaming - StreamYard

2020 not only helped us to understand how to wash our hands, but also grew the statistics of livestreaming. It's pretty understandable - streaming is the podcast but without the annoying part of editing. However, it's a bigger fish to fry as there's a lot of pre-production work involved. Understanding OBS, and streaming jargon is one of them. Tools like SteamYard help to skip the barrier and start right away, while you'll have time and energy to catch up.

Audio courses - Alpe audio

As the Clubhouse effect grew the tools for audio content also emerged. Currently, almost everything has an audio-first version, courses are one of these markets. Alpe audio is helping you to create host, and distribute an audio-only course. You'll meet the founder of the tools in the upcoming issues :)

Future of Community Weekly

Today is the 23rd edition of Community Weekly, and it changed quite a bit after the first issue was sent out. As I grew the list and created content for you I tried to navigate what kind of product or service I want to start.

One of the most important things for me is analytics, data, understanding how things work under the hood. And that's what I want to help with creators and community managers.

In light of that I want to experiment and send 2 emails a week:

  • first, like this one curated with all the interesting things I found around the internet for content creators and community leaders,
  • second, packed with data and directory updates, introductions to passion economy founders, and community managers.

Let me know what you think about this idea. Meanwhile, I'll be taking a much-needed break to recharge and get ready for the new year's challenges.

We'll see you next time on January 14 :)

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