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Welcome creators ✨

Welcome to everyone who joined Community Weekly publication!

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
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Welcome creators ✨


Weather you're passing by or subscribed to Community Weekly I'm really happy to see you here.

If you're a streamer, writer, community manager, course creator, founder here you will find answers to your questions.

All neatly delivered in a free weekly newsletter.

Community Weekly Pro

Pro membership  is a way to support my work and also get additional goodies.

Pro version includes:

  • Audio versions of the articles as a podcast.
  • Early access to the articles - 1 week ahead usually.
  • Member-only vetted collection of resources

My typical schedule

Wednesday → Communities Show weekly free podcast on community management.

Thursday → free newsletter for subscribers and newsletter to Pro members with their additional content.

Friday → new essay from me (if any).

Members, and Paid members

I'm hosting my website on Ghost, and it has it's own vocabulary.

  • Members are the people who subscribed to the free newsletter.
  • Paid members are the people who purchased one of the paid memberships.

Both can login to the Community Weekly.

Currently there's no additional content hosted on the website for Members, but in future I'll think about adding some interesting things for you :)

Hope I answered your questions.

Thanks for getting this far, we'll see each other in the vastness of the internet.

With love from Armenia,