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Issue #32 Underrated Masterminds

The magic of mastermind groups or "Should I have mastermind group in my community?"

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
3 min read
Issue #32 Underrated Masterminds

Hello friends,

April is coming to an end however it feels like the year has just started for me. After the burnout I experienced last year this past week was one of the most inspiring ones so far (maybe it's because my COVID test came negative who knows). So many amazing creators are launching something new and I'm here for it!

I think I also forgot to mention something pretty important for me. I'm sure you've noticed that I'm quite an often guest at Communities Show, and it's because I'm their new (already old?) co-host. I'm really motivated in what we do together and hope our content can help up and coming creators.

Our latest show is about converting an Instagram or Facebook audience into a community.

Give it a listen here :)

Underrated Masterminds 👑

In my tech bubble mastermind groups were popularized in mid 2020, when everyone was going through the "let's use this pandemic to be productive" phase. During that period everyone was creating a mastermind group for sales, for marketing, content writing, you name it. As I'm guilty of joining more communities then I can handle, I was part of quite a few of them. And instantly they reminded me of startup acceleration programs. So here's a section on how to use mastermind groups for your community.

1/ How to start a mastermind group (read ~4min)

Mastermind groups are not only a good way to monetize community but also a good way to center a lot of niche expert in one place. How you can start a mastermind group and use it to monetize your community.

2/ Build a curriculum for your online course (read ~4min)

As mastermind groups are usually centered around an educational program, you need to build a curriculum for it. In this article I'm sharing my experience of managing an acceleration program and building courses for them.

Keep in your mind

Max Haining the creator of 100DaysOfNoCode community is launching a new tool for mastermind groups  👉  Hive

Creation roundup 🧚‍♀️


1/ Mike Williams the founder behind Everything Marketplace community shows how he built the community platform based on Webflow, Jetboost and Memberstack.

2/ Very interesting review and rundown of features by CreatorScape newsletter. I think it's worth noting that all this platforms have some kind of "Partner program" for creators, which is aiming to give more advertisers money, at the same time taking huge cuts from the revenue.

3/ Creator Economy Show launched on Racket.

4/ Maybe I'm late to the game, and just noticed this, but here it goes. a tool I talked about before, in the scope of event-first communities, now is aiming to take the slot in your bio. You can create your profile, which is essentially one pager of you best content.

I dig it and here's my 👉

5/ Levi Hildebrand's channel on YouTube with 129k subscribers made $100,000 in revenue during 2020. In the video he breaks down his revenue sources, and explains how he achieved the results.


I asked the twitter fam, why they think creators are hesitant to ask money for their work. The overwhelming response was impostor syndrome or undervaluing the work. As I've been going with a journey on how should I monetize the Community Weekly I've felt the exact same things.

And you know what I did I researched how the top 25 newsletters are monetizing and what perks they had.

20 out of 25 had community as perk.

10 out of 25 mentioned "archive of posts" as perk.

1 out of 25 mentioned "direct access to creator" as perk.

Interesting breakdown to say the least :)

You can book a consultation with me on superpeer.

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See you next week,

With 💛 from Armenia,


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