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Issue #36: Spontaneous events

Migration from LetterDrop to Ghost. Spontaneous audio. And podcasting really truly sucks.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
4 min read
Issue #36: Spontaneous events

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It's been a while since I sent a newsletter. A lot of things happened since then. Let's start from the beginning.

2 weeks ago some of you (exactly 316) might've got a bizarre email from my name (but not from my email). It was something that happend because of my hosting platform at the time. I'm exteemly sorry if you got that email, it happened absolutely out of my control.

Because of the obvious breach of privacy for my subscribers and because I was affected by a lot of other bugs of that platform, I decided to do an emergency transfer from LetterDrop (the platform at the time) to Ghost.

Which brings us to, yay. I now have a fully independent platform hosted on Ghost. Where I have more control over my business.

And with this small update on the under the hood processes here goes a new installment of my weekly newsletter powered by Ghost.

What this means for you is: Pro members can Login (on the top right corner of the menu) and get access to the paid content.

I'm still thinking how to utilize the functionality of Members (in Ghost language people who are subscribed but are not paying customers). There's no new content for this role yet. But I'm thinking about it, and will add some cool stuff for you too!

Hope you enjoy!

Originals from Community Weekly

1/ Zero to Community. Choosing the pricing

The 3rd article in the series of "Zero to Community. In this one you'll learn how to select a monetization strategy for your community.

2/ Economy Spotlight: Substack, Inc

I'm starting a new series, because why not? In this one I'm trying to satisfy my inner researcher, and also talk about companies that are on my radar.

Today I decided to profile Substack, because they are pretty controversial tool, but also started a culture for paying for newsletters. So I guess, yay?

3/ Zero to Community. Metrics (Pro members)

Pro members now have early access to the next audio version article of Zero to Community series. I talked about 4 metrics that you can track for your community.

4/ Zero to Community. Selecting tech stacks (Pro members)

In this audio episode I talk about how to select your community stack, based on the evolution of your community. While the article about this was very technical in this one I gave some general guidelines on how to select the tools based on your communities growth vertical.

Food for thought 🧠

1/ Justin Jackson is giving back to the community

If you don't know Justin, he's the co-founder of Transistor. The tool I use for the member-only podcast and I used it also for my previous podcast. The project after 4 years in the making recently hit $1,000,000 ARR. And to celebrate that matter Justin is doing something that inspired me: helping other SaaS founder to build his product.

This means:

  • he will share his knowledge in public in a podcast format
  • he will share his audience with Joshua.

Incredible boost for this young founder. At the same time I felt pretty sad, because there's no such thing happening in the creator space.

Are creators afraid of competition?

2/ Podcasting sucks!

The irony of me putting this after I praised a founder of a podcast hosting tool is not lost on me lol.

But it really does!

I'm ready to sign under every word of Austin's thread. In podcasting it's rare to see an indie one get to the top. It usually goes to other famous people, Youtuber, writers and celebrities to get the attention of the masses. Small creators stay small for a very long time. Not to mention the hard discovery and management process for the podcast (e.g. editing, communications, distribution, etc).

Side note, Austin is founder of Racket a tool I'm obsessed with. The concept is Tik Tok for audio. 9 minute fast spontaneous records. I actually a lot of them so you can come listen in on my profile, and try it out yourself.

Tools for builders ⚒️

1/ Learnetto

Gumroad alternative, specifically geared towards teachers. I love that there are more and more alternatives for selling digital downloads. The space is definately underserved.

2/ Deploy empathy

This is tied to the previous point, because that's how I discovered the tool :)

I've been following along with this book on the free newsletter that Michele has on Revue. Talking to customers is a muscle that every founder or creator needs to train, and I love the approach that Michele has in her book/newsletter. Very methodical, yet filled with empathy. Reminds me of design thinking framework quite a bit.

With love from Armenia,

Anna Grigoryan

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