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Issue #67 Rabbit holes

You can see the schedule of the Community Weekly bus, hope you have seatbelts on.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
2 min read
Issue #67 Rabbit holes

Table of Contents

Podcasting as a way to connect with people

The purpose of this episode was to talk about the podcast that Neville launched for his project Never Normal.

Starting a podcast is hard because of the issues in discovery and oversaturation in some niches. However, sometimes it's just a reason to book a call with someone and have a thoughtful conversation with them.

We talked about:

  • the roadblocks of podcasting,
  • how you can breakdown the pieces of the process into much manageable parts
  • community-led building that Neville uses for his projects.

Editing this episode was very hard for me as everything seemed so important for the conversation, and relistening it helped me also to ground myself in some of the things related to my projects.

Taking thigs one step at a time
How podcast can help you increase your network and connect with more people.

Drawer of Inspiration

1/ Web 3.0 reading list curated by Gaby Goldberg
Curation is one of the best ways to tell a story.

I've been trying to go down the rabbit hole of crypto and understand what everyone else sees in when they follow the 🐇.

For me specifically the answer currently is ambiguous. I want to say "Yes, but..." not "Yes, and... ".

I enjoyed going through the articles in the list, uncovering what is the enigma of crypto for people who are deep in the industry.

Maybe you can find answers there too.

2/ The rest of the world

If you are in tech industry seems like everything that matters happens in Silicon Valley, Miami 😲, Tech Twitter and Discord servers. However, there's a whole world left outside of the conversation.

The rest of the world is a publication specifically talking about Asian tech and the problems that they face in the industry.

I particularly enjoyed the piece about the state of gig economy in India, Ukraine and Russia.

3/ Odin - community driven investments
Investments sometimes feel as another full time job (on top of other full time jobs you know like community building and publication management). I think adding community in the mix of investments is defiantly a step in the right direction.

You can also check out their newsletter on substack to learn about their approach to investments and maybe join to get matched with relevant investors in your niche?

Thanks for being around as always!

With love from Lithuania,


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