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Are you interested in partnering with Community Weekly? We offer several partnership opportunities.


  • Original news, columns and resources
  • Curated lists and articles
  • Custom sponsored content

Classified ads

Custom written sponsorships

Founding partner

Custom-written sponsored article based on your copy points and direction, written in the tone of the newsletter for maximum effectiveness.

Your logo and sponsorship line on the masthead

Exclusive Sponsorship: only one title sponsor and sponsored article per day

Includes a single custom article, to run the duration of each package commitment, as the title sponsor of an Episode of the PodMov Daily Newsletter Spots are booked first come, first served

Founding partnership

Frequently asked questions

What does a partnership include?

Your logo will appear prominently on the masthead with a “sponsored by” billing. 

It will also appear, full-sized, directly above your custom-written article. Links of your choice will be applied to both logos. The article (appx. 130 words) runs in the body of the newsletter, subtly marked as sponsored content. 

It may include several links, and tracking links are welcomed. A tailored call-to-action button caps off the segment.

Why custom sponsored content? Is it different from a standard ad?

In podcasts, host-read sponsorships have proven to be remarkably effective. Our sponsored content works the same way! 

Your message shares a voice with the rest of the newsletter, so that readers connect organically without being interrupted. While standard advertising often contains all-caps, exclamation points, bolding, etc., our expert writing speaks for itself. 

As a sponsor, you’ll stand out in a seamless, positive way that leaves readers intrigued

How will content be developed? Is there a review process?

Our Managing Editor will write the article based on your copy points and direction, which are submitted through a convenient Google Form. Sponsor review is built into our workflow, so you’ll have the opportunity to make or suggest changes. Finally, you will receive a final layout proof for approval.

How frequently may I book sponsorships?

PodMov Daily sponsorships must be scheduled at least 5 days apart. For example, if you book your first sponsorship for a Wednesday, the second must be scheduled the following Wednesday or later?

How far in advance do I need to submit copy direction?

Copy points, direction, and other details for your article are due 2 weeks before your first run date. You'll receive the article for review and approval one week before publication

Please fill in the form, and we'll send you our partnership options.