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2021 year in review: from hibernating to going all in

How 2021 makes me feel as a creator.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
4 min read
2021 year in review: from hibernating to going all in

Hi friends,

It's 2021, I think it's safe to say that we graduated yet another year of "there's a pandemic, what the hell I'm supposed to do?" class. And we came out relatively unscathed.

Reflecting 2020 felt like a snowball of not-so-happy thoughts like "oh what's next", "how's this happening","whyyyyyy?". It was more a lump of everything in one big bad news.

2021 was a bit milder, at least from a professional standpoint. It took from "huh I wonder how this will do" to "I'm doing this, and it's working."

Community Weekly went through a journey in 2021 and this is the first year where I decided to do a "Year in review".

I talked about where Community Weekly was when 2021 started and in what state it's closing the year.

Like Neo in the Matrix you have 2 options

Read the whole journey in the article that as google tells me will take you 7 minutes to read.

Year In Review. A story of one publication
An unnecessary thorough review of 2021 in the life of 1 publication.

Listen to how I crumble as I try to record this for the 3rd time and also try to be chill and cover my frustration from reading out loud what I wrote.

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Worth checking out

Syllabus publication

“The good content is already here; it’s just not evenly distributed.”

Syllabus's moto is something that I really connect with and try to also contribute to as a curator in tech industry. It takes a lot of time to read, research, and vet content not only for this newsletter but for myself as well.

Differentiating good content from bad content, or useful content from not-useful one in my opinion if we're doing predictions here, will be the problem of creator economy for the next decade.

I'm also following their sister project crypto syllabus, where they discuss crypto and Web 3.0 concepts with different people with different backgrounds.

If this whole startup thing doesn't work out I think I have a new career prospect for me: curator.

Drawer of Inspiration

1/ Our Pseudonymous Selves
If you're on the internet long enough you might have alter ego's spread around the web.

annadante is pretty much mine, wherever you find one 99% chance it's me.

The article explores the history of pseudonyms on the internet, how we went from fully private under nicknames to totally open, and now hoping to get back to private selves.

A paragraph I specifically connected to:

"Today, in many senses and places, society is more politically and socially free than at any time in history. Yet, obligations to live life on social media platforms—cultivating a profile page and growing your followers—means our offline and online identities are increasingly intertwined, often requiring us to contort our irl selves into prescribed internet shapes."

2/ Podcast marketing magic
As you might know I started a podcast recently, and I already have been burned by that medium. The larger reason of that burn is that I was obsessed with it's growth. And while I'm in a more chill mindset now, some marketing never hurts.

What was my surprise when I found the newsletter "Podcast marketing magic" which is dedicated to not only general marketing for podcasts, but also curates podcasts and introduces them to their audience. Amazing work, I'm obsessed!

While I planned to send one more newsletter before the New Year, my mind decided that it's time to take the yearly vacation.

The newsletter is going on a break until the second week of January. Next year Community Weekly will come to it's new form as more community then newsletter and with that I hope to bring more value the this small corner of the internet that I managed to create.

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With love from Lithuania,

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