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Writing for Community-led companies

Table of Contents

Step 1: Learning and brainstorming from your community

Step 2: We discuss what's the long term goal for your business and community

  • I sit down with your marketing and community teams to understand your goals and values.
  • Together prioritize and discuss the themes that came up during the first step.
  • Together we come up with unique OKRs and metrics for the content marketing and strategy.

Step 3: We publish first content

  • After the discussion I deliver 1 piece of content usually around 600-800 words.
  • I come up with a promotion strategy for the content.
  • I analyze the feedback from the community and the results of the promotion.

Step 4: I work on 3 more content

Stage 5: Developing the strategy

Further stages:

  • Help to hire and coach a team of community managers
  • We design you a custom superuser, volunteer moderator, beta-testing and other loyalty programs
  • Support with online events, maintenance, conflict resolutions, moderation, and all kinds of tech and people issues
  • Help transform your Discord to a full-blown radio, podcasting, video production and/or a conference/workshops/co-working experience
  • Help set up metrics and reporting for your executive team and investors

How to start:

  1. We have an onboarding call for free to see if we are the best fit to help your business.
  2. We sign a short agreement
  3. You pay 2000 EUR (+VAT) upfront for 4 pieces of content and a content strategy workshops that are not time-bound - you just book the next workshop when you need help
  4. We can record the workshops or welcome more than two people from your side for an extra fee.