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Everything is content

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
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Everything is content

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This issue of Community Weekly is sponsored by EmailOctopus.

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Content management sometimes can be even harder than writing the content itself. As community managers, we often think about community metrics such as engagement, members turnaround, revenue, etc. However, as we want to grow our community and getting noticed, in 2020 and especially 2021 the power of content can't be underrated.

In this issue, I'll talk about ways you can manage your content easily with the external help of tools or agencies.

In the issue going out on January 23, we will talk about workflows and processes you can implement yourself to make the content lifecycle effective for your community.

Curation is our friend

I've had my fair share of fails, some of which included failing newsletters, on the themes I was not inspired to write about. However, I invite you to think about content curation as a great hustle free start for your online presence. The creation and curation of a niche-specific knowledge hub can be a great way to establish yourself, grow with others in the industry, and get a taste of what the industry is about. Here are some tools that can help you along the way.


SparkToro not only helps to start curating but also to identify the key influencers in your specific niche.

Content studio

Think of Content Studio as Spark Toro but combined with Buffer. It helps you to not only curate but also create and distribute your content. Big thumbs up for the SEO checker built-in.


A simple yet powerful tool to get the newsletters and feeds in one place. You can also use Mailbrew to curate your community-only newsletter.

AI's among us

AI's are invading a lot of spaces and content management is not an exception. While the GPT-3 created a lot of products related to content creation and content management, there are a few outliers in the industry. Like SnazziAI.

They are in a pretty early stage still, but going strong. SnazziAI helps you to generate content, outlines for the blogs, taglines, and landing pages.


While of course you can manage everything on your own, or hire a content manager, there's 3rd option too. Hiring an agency. Twitter was kind enough to recommend me.

Audience Ops - created by Brian Casel. While I never used the services of the agency, the newsletter of Brian about productized services and starting one is really helpful. So if you're not into agency idea, but want to learn more about productizing yourself ProcessKit can be a great place to start.

That's it for today's issue. In the coming newsletter, we'll talk about content management and the workflows that you can use and implement to organize your processes.

Take care, and as per usual, here are some ways you can help me, to make the newsletter better:

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