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Event first communitises

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
2 min read

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I'm writing original content for Community Weekly already 6 months, during which I managed to write 50 articles about community and content management.

This is a huge personal milestone for me as I'm able to put out consistent content about a topic I'm genuinely passionate about and also learn a lot from you and from other people in passion economy space.

Today I'm introducing Pro versions for some of my articles that will be more deep dives into the topic, and will help to grow and monetize your online content and community business.

This is a way for me not only to stay full time on this project but also to experiment with different mediums and sub-categories in passion economy, and start getting more consistent income, without relying on occasional consulting or sponsorship opportunities.

If you have a topic in mind that you'd like for me to cover just reply to this email, would love to have a chat.

🦄 Originals from Community Weekly

1) Event-first communities: How and Why (~ 6 min read)

In this article I tried to explore the idea of event-first communities. How you can create a community around event-series. What are the industries that may be in need of this kind of communities. How to evaluate the tech stack for event-first communities.

2) 2 Case studies of Community landing pages (~ 3 min read)

Let's take a look at 2 landing pages of communities: Nesslabs and NewsletterCrew. The case study breaks down why those landing pages are a good representation of community and it's role inside their product.

3) Creator vs Influencer

Together with my friends from DevRel community we once again gathered to talk about creator economy, paid communities and newsletter monetization.
Content around the web

I found this group very fascinating, first because I'm seeing a Linkedin Group as a community platform for the first time. Second is because the idea of Data-Drive SEO is very interesting for me. And now there's a community on that topic. I love how communities evolve on different platforms like this!

My friends from DevRel community are launching a mastermind group on high fidelity streaming. They are teaching how to build their impressive video production pipeline. You can participate in few free lectures by registering here.

Again I'm fangirl-ing for A media operator newsletter issue. I've been asking myself the same question: is the content production equal media startup? The answer is yes and no at the same time. We all are media companies to some extent, the way we manage our media personas online is what matters the most.

If you have been struggling because of the Notion outages then I have a saving grace for you. Obsidian is an open-source tool that is like Notion made 🧡 with Roam research. It's end to end encrypted and local on your device + you can publish content from Obsidian to your website with an additional plugin.

Here's a video on how to migrate from Notion to Obsidian.

Anna Grigoryan

Writer, engineer and recovering over-achiever. I bring context into creator economy with Community Weekly newsletter, and help people discover best podcasts out there with Kradl.