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Drawer of Inspiration vol. 3

Let's get inspired for the last bits of 2020

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
3 min read
Drawer of Inspiration vol. 3

Table of Contents

As I'm writing this we have only 20 days until the end of the most bizarre year ever. I think this year left its footprint on everyone's life. Everyone was affected to some extent.

While we have 20 days left we have a change to reflect and see how we changed our behaviors during 2020.

I noticed, that I started to gravitate towards long-form content. The videos and blogs that I read are becoming longer and longer. If it's something less then 20 minutes on Youtube I think it can't explain everything good enough, same with the text.

I took 3 long breaks this year. And when I say long it was around 7 days. Before that, my last vacation was 2 years ago. I'm not overworking anymore, only on "special occasions" like launch. Although I still feel some kind of guilt because of that, I also understood the value of logging off from online and offline day-to-day routines.

What change do you see in yourself?

Featured Community

The Pack | Productivity & Group Accountability

The pack is a community for remote entrepreneurs and professionals seeking improved productivity and accountability. Helping "lone wolf" types get back on path.

Tools for builders


As I mentioned in my previous issue about audio-first communities, audio market is having a boom right now. Audyo is trying to tackle the market by combining two meta economies - audio and newsletters.

There was a similar tool Subcast shared a few issues back. I haven't tired them yet.

Audyo sounds very nice (at least the female voice) and there's no robotic sense into it. So maybe this can become a new meta - audio newsletters.

Continuum - The Creator OS

I love a CRM, what can I say. I see a CRM and I love it. But you know not that kind of CRM that Hubspot is - for everyone and for no one at the same time. But a CRM that is specifically geared towards the needs of an industry. Creator economy is still very new, however, I love to see CRMs blossom here and there.

Blur Social

Membership management and community management are on the peak. And it's no surprise that there are a lot of platforms being launched recently. Blur Social is one of them. For me this feels like mobile version of Patreon (long time creator favorite).


So, I like efficient content creation. I discovered this tool and started using it a few weeks ago, for my SEO journey. For research purposes it's a very good tool also the fact that it's a chrome extension makes it much easier to use. Really seamless experience.

I think in the scope of this newsletter I reviewed and shared 50+ tools for creators.

What would you think about having database of sorts?



M13 is a VC geared towards creator and passion economy. What I noticed that not every VC has is that they are building and growing founder community not only for the founders of their portfolio companies but in general.

My experience of working with VC showed that having a sustainable and investable pipeline of startups is really important for investors. Community building is one of the ways to find and (or) nurture founders in your specific industry. Kudos to M13 for being open to founders around the world.

No-Warm-Intro-Required Investors

No need for long speeches here. This is a huge list of VCs and angle investors that don't require warm introduction. Filter by your industry, round and pitch.

Content around the www

Social Strikes Back

Social Strikes Back is a series of posts, researches and reviewed created by a16z. I think a16z was one of the first VC that was vocal about passion economy and how it's going to change the landscape of content creation.

Community is not something new. Communities are here to help people reclaim their privacy, data and change the norm of social interactions. I think especially after COVID we became more aware of how communities are operating and why people much rather join a community then participate in their social bubbles.

Community Takes All: The Power of Social+ is one of my favorite posts in the series and definitely worth a read if you're looking to build a community or a tool for community managers.

It's been 21 issues since we first met! Thanks for navigating this journey inside new social with me!

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