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Issue #37: Drawer of Inspiration Vol 5

Drawer of Inspiration. A mashup of everything community and creators for June.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
2 min read
Issue #37: Drawer of Inspiration Vol 5

Table of Contents

Illustration is co-created by Ilona Rybak (, Alexander Tumanov (, Denis Blinov (, Vadim Luks (

Originals from Community Weekly

Zero To Community. Community Culture ~ 8 minutes (Pro members)

New episode of Pro podcast about Community cultures.

What is community culture? What rituals to create for your community? How to implement those rituals?

Drawer Spotlight ✨

1/ Mirror introduced Media DAO's

I've talked about the Mirror before, as a potential new resort for creator collectives. And they went further into the direction of productive collaboration for creators.

As long as you have a Mirror publication, you’re now free to add other collaborators to that publication.

A feature that Substack desperately missed is now available on the Mirror. You can add collaborators from Mirror platform, you can split profits with them, and continue earning money with Ethereum. I'm still quite newbee in the crypto world and I'm trying to understand the rules of it.

And if you're on that journey as well then hey, I got you!

DAOs knowledge library carefully curated and shared by Julia Lipton.

Everything you want to learn about DAO's is here:

  • who are the actors?
  • what are the famous ones?
  • who to follow for more?

Diving into this head first before we reach the Future by one and only a16z. The new publication from the lead investors in the creator economy is talking about how the web 3.0 will look like.

Few notable ones for me are:

Everyone how's talking about creator economy you know and love contributed, so pick your poison.

But what if you want to help your twitter friend that has golden knowledge but is not writing yet?

Well Ghost knowledge is here for you.

Pick your favorite writer  → Select a theme  → Pledge some money  →  Let ghost handle the rest.

If the request is funded up to $500 the writer is contacted and if agreed, will write about the topic.

This gives visibility to smaller creators (hopefully) and  a new way to engage people into online writing.

One more great piece about collaborative media and multiplayer companies.

What are the benefits of multiplayer media companies?

  • Serving the target audience with different points of views
  • Growing as individual creators and as a company
  • Establishing credibility in a single niche of an industry
  • Security in revenue

Newspapers are dead, long live collectives! (psst don't tell Buzzfeed about this)

Job alert!

I'm usually considering myself "unemployable". I've been solo and freelance too long to be in a company again, but sometimes, just sometimes there's a job that I really really want to apply to.

Today I saw this job for Study Hall. They have been a guest in this newsletter before. Study hall is a media company for media workers. Meta I know. They are an amazing network of people who are deep into the publishing world and help other people to find their voice in the industry.

And oh my god, they are looking someone for their editorial operations, like seriously? A dream job for US based people who are fluent in media twitter.

I hope you liked this edition.

I usually throw together Drawer of Inspiration when I'm down or unmotivated, so I hope this edition motivated you!

With love from Armenia,

Anna Grigoryan

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