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Issue #30 Drawer of Inspiration 4.0

Some inspiration sources for your community

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
3 min read
Issue #30 Drawer of Inspiration 4.0

Hi friends,

I've been doing a lot less last week because of my COVID-19 hiatus. In general this was a very forced break. During one of those "doing nothing" days, I remembered that I actually am a member in Nesslabs community. I had troubles logging in because all my communities in general are on Discord or Slack, when this one is on Circle.

Being a member at Nesslabs comes with a lot of advantages, such as having access to the course "From collector to creator".  The course is specifically for creators who want to improve the creative workflows.

I had troubles with keeping up with my ideas and the projects I want to launch after the Product Hunt day, and it felt like I needed a refresher. And oh boy, I got it. What I love about it:

  • it helps you to understand how creativity flows inside your brain and how to use it mindfully
  • it helps to understand your content monopoly (the unique angle you bring with you)
  • it helps you to select the right tools for your knowledge and your thoughts. I use Notion for everything, but now I'm looking for a better tool for interactive content.

If you are in the creative blocks then definitely check the course out.

3 ideas for your community ✨

Quick 3 ideas you can implement during the upcoming week to improve your community.

  • Find the most discussed topic of the week. What is the thing that everyone talked about this week? Was it a problem that was solved? Was it a huge news in your industry? Dig through the forum to see why people got involved with it. Results can be converted to a newsletter issue or short article on your community website.
  • Talk to 3 most active members in your community. Ask them what they like? What keeps them coming back? Figure out the secret source of your community and what makes it sticky for them.
  • Collaborate with a member. Community is not just about broadcasting, it's also about amplifying other's voices. Co-host a meetup or help them create a member-only event where they can share their experience. Involve people and help them grow.

Tools for builders ⚒️

1/ I have a hoarding problem, I have to confess, and sometimes it's about tools I use or review. And you know, why not to transform this interesting habit into a resource.

At first I wanted to launch everything at once but now I'm thinking to roll out small updated to the process. So creators can get use out of it earlier.

And the upcoming tools are from my deep rabbit hole in knowledge management apps... 📚

2/ Memex - an extension for your browser (not only for Chrome which is already a huge step forward) to take notes, highlight websites, organize and share those notes. One of the potential runners to get into my list.

3/ Excalidraw - this is not a fancy tool that just raised another big round from a16z. However, it's simple and effective for drawing charts, diagrams and other very visual stuff. I gotta be honest, I'm really looking to creating a new way of communicating the knowledge I have. Something in between a video and a blog post. Search is in progress, and upon finding it will be first into your inbox. Now, I'm just enjoying the simplicity of this tool.

4/ Orbit for discord - so Orbit and operating system for your community just launched an integration with Discord, and I have nothing else to say rather then it's the best thing that ever happened. No need to second guess, now you have all the data you need about your community 💜.

I think this is it for today. Next week I will have more original articles and things to share for your community.

You can book a consultation with me on superpeer.

Buy the guide on How to start an audio community.

You can support me by simply buying me a coffee.

See you next week,

With 💛 from Armenia,


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