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Issue #29 Creator vs curator

Do you even need to create a content?

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
2 min read
Issue #29 Creator vs curator

Do you even need to create a content?

Hello friends,

I'm late for 2 days. It has been a hard weekend. Because I got COVID-19 a week or so ago I had a temperature and huge headache, so there's that. 1 year later it finally got me.

I've been writing this newsletter for already 6 months consistently and have written 50 articles and 22 newsletter issues, which is amazing I think. All this time I dedicated to trying to find my style of newsletter writing. I've been doing curation, I've been sending straight up articles as newsletter issues.

Today I want to ask you what do you prefer?

  • an issue with curated content (including my original stuff) like now
  • articles delivered straight to the inbox

Also we are already 957 people here, hello? I'm here as always to listen and help. Reply to this message and let me know your thoughts :)

Originals from Community Weekly

Today we are a bit away from the community topic, but don't be afraid we'll be back at it for the next issue.

1) How I launched on ProductHunt and got to #3 product of the day (28 mins)

On a livestream with my friends from Communities Show I discussed the launch that I had 2 weeks ago. I talked about my:

  • my preparation process
  • why I decided to launch?
  • is Producthunt a good place to launch newsletters?
  • what to consider if you want to launch a newsletter or podcast on Producthunt.

2) Content curation business (~5 min read)

I started this newsletter as a curated content about communities, and only then I changed it and added original content from myself.

I think starting from curation it's easier to get into creator economy and the groove of writing.

In this article I talked about:

  • how you can curate content
  • how you can monetize your curated content
  • how to market curated content product.

Content around the web

End of an ad-era? Google suddenly cares about our privacy

Huge list of community driven companies, people everything!!!

Last week Lolita Taub made this huge list of everything and everyone you need to know if you are in the community landscape. It has people, communities for communities, podcasts, leaders and more. Add yourself if you have some cool resources about communities or indulge in non-doom-scrolling of this amazing resource.

Creator economy list

If you're into research just as I am, I think you'll like this list of creator economy startups. I discovered quite a few of them.

Learn how to build audio community with my guide.

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With 💛 from Armenia,


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