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Issue #31 Content x Community

What to do in the intersection of content and community

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
2 min read
Issue #31 Content x Community

Hello friends,

I wonder how's your week going? In last issue I shared 3 ideas for your community that you could've implemented. Have you tried them out? Or it was something that you already tried and you know the results.

Share with me your journey so far. I'm going to give you 3 more tips today, let me know how things go.

Originals from Community Weekly 🦄

No new article this week, or wait... no, nothing new. Except an updated old article about revenue steams.

I have added 2 new monetization strategies you can use for your community:

  • adding new medium.
  • TL;DR or TL;DL.

3 ideas for your community ✨

Quick 3 ideas you can implement during the upcoming week to improve your community.

  • Introduce members to each other. Break the ice and help them learn more about the community and members. You can use Icebreaker or Mixaba.
  • Understand the points of contact in your community. Are people looking for jobs? Peer to peer support? Reliable source of information?
  • What's the goal of your community (if you haven't figured out already)? What do you do: help them make more money, save money or save time?

Tools for builders ⚒️

1/ Delete your content

I discovered this course last week. It's created by a technical writer, and people of this profession know the hard truth that sometimes people just don't read your content. I purchased it and can say that it provides unique perspective on content creation.

Usually courses are centered on starting consistent content creation habit, this one is more for people who already do it, and want to improve. Inventorying, managing and understanding your content is equally important and this course helps with that.

2/ Marie Poulin's audio and video set up

I'm sure especially after 2020 we all need an advice on audio/video stacks. Marie a Notion consultant and course creator shares her tech stack evolution from beginner to professional.

I think we need more journey's like this. Livestreaming is a great alternative to podcasting, and there are not enough good resources on it.

3/ Otto

Otto is a great way to organize your working hours. I am addicted to Twitter, I accept that wholeheartedly. Usually that results in procrastination and a beating myself up for not doing enough work. I started using Otto recently, especially with for Pomodoro and their hard mode. And you know what? This newsletter is scheduled 1 day before.

Look at me being organized :)

That's it for today. Thanks for reading Community Weekly.

With 💛 from Armenia

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