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Community Characters

Who are the main characters in the community

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
2 min read
Community Characters

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Hello everyone!

This Monday I've launched on ProductHunt and thanks to overwhelming support managed to get to No.3 Product of the day.

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I'm blown away from the amount of support I had and by the fact that I managed to accomplish all of that by being a solo-entrepreneur. Also this means that this cozy newsletter jumped straight up from 440 subscribers to 900+ subscribers. Gonna be honest I'm extremely excited to share with you today's issue, but also a bit nervous.

Let's meet each other I'm Anna.

I'm writing articles and newsletter issues of Community weekly.

I'm a software engineer.

I'm passionate about helping creators to stay independent.

What's your mission? Reply to this email and let me know :)

🦄 Originals from Community Weekly

1) The Lurker, Collaborator, Contributor and Creator (~5 min read)

~ The one who just reads around and doesn't engage.

~ The one who likes to share and collaborate in the community.

~ The one who contributes to the community growth.

~ The one who is creating content and new projects inside the community.

This week I published original article about characters that you can find in every community.

2) Revenue streams for online community (~7 min read)

What are the ways you can monetize your online community? In this article I focused on 3 methods for monetization, their pro's and con's and also ways you can implement them.

⚒️ Tools for builders

1) Tolta - tool that helps you to create counters of your social media presence and also MRR from different platforms.

This tool is something that I personally will use with great pleasure.

As creator who's monetizing the content with sponsorships this can help me save a few steps in the process. With Tolta you can create a dashboard with all the numbers you need to showcase: twitter following, youtube following, instagram etc. Just embed the dashboard in a Notion page and forget about updating the numbers ever again.

2) Baserow - if you're as obsessed with Airtable as I am this is a tool just for you. Baserow is an alternative to Airtable with wider range of featured. A better and more robust API and much more convenient pricing.

3) 8020 - 8020 is an agency that is using no code tools to make your workflows more effective.

✨ Content around the web

A newsletter audience starter pack

A very useful presentation on how you can grow your newsletter audience.

The slides are dissecting:

  • how the strategies for growing email lists have changed over the past few years
  • where was the newsletter economy and what way it is going now
  • original vs borrowed content strategies, and more.

Substack is cancelled?

This week I discovered that Substack is facing backlash this week for:

The revelation of Substack Pro program to the masses created a backlash towards the company

1) because the list of people on the program remains unknown (cool guessing game),

2) some of the writers that announced that they are essentially funded by Substack had transphobic and homophobic views.

This led from two announcements from Substack team about their moderation policies, however it seems like the Co is still in hot water.

This discourse is rising a few questions: is Substack a Software or a Publishing platform? Essentially is it possible to divorce the tech from media in the Post-Facebook Web 3.0?

With 💛 from Armenia,


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