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Art of Discovery

Discovery of content

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
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Art of Discovery

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Today I want to talk about discovery. A discovery of anything basically: podcast, newsletter, community, blog, you name it.

In this article I'll talk about 3 techniques you can use to increase your brands discoverability. I'm going to talk about cases that are very targeted, but are not using social media for the targeting. I'm not reinventing the wheel here, but I find it's important to talk about this strategies that are often overlooked.

All techniques I used personally, and all of them are very time consuming.

Niche communities

This trends has emerged in 2019-2020, and is crawling into 2021. Niche communities that are gathered around specific topic are a great place to find potential customers.

If you're building a product and want to also validate your pricing and see what are the habits that people have in the niche, communities and paid communities can be of help. If you discovered a paid community in the niche the price of it can be a good indicator of willingness to pay.

I use this option a lot, especially for crafting my content calendar. I basically see what questions are always people asking in the community, and I write about it (if I can of course).

Budget: Most of the communities are free. Paid communities mainly have pretty good deals with yearly/quarterly plans.


I think this method is very underrated. Sponsorships are a great way to get quick access to your niche. Sponsoring creators that are producing knowledge in your industry is not only helping to get yourself out there, but also is a way to build relationships with influencers.

Find the newsletter, blog, podcast, event series or community in your niche and sponsor them.

Budget: It really depends on the creator and their size. While negotiating, pay attention not to the size of the audience, but to the engagement of previous campaigns: open/click rate, unique clicks, downloads, etc.

Founder hustle

The most taxing and at the same time the most rewarding method for founder. This process is basically scouting for people 24/7 on online platforms, communities etc, and trying to build relationships with them. This is very time consuming, but the best part is at the end you'll have:

  • big database of customer interviews
  • big database of use cases
  • understanding of who is your customer
  • understanding of who is not your customer.

Budget: only your time.

Warning: try to vet the online presence. While the main Gary V style advice is to be on every platform, I'd say that still there are differences and patterns of online behaviours from one niche to another. Don't spend time on platforms that simply don't serve you just for the sake of social media hype.

What is your problem with discovery? Hit reply and tell me how can I help.

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