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2020 fatigue

burnouts and a bit more about money

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
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2020 fatigue

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Hello friends,

Do you feel like when 2021 comes then the global pandemic will just go away? Because it's a new year, new me, time for new resolutions. I think this year kicked us all in one way or another.

I burned out twice, once in May and currently I'm also coming out of a burnout. There are some proven ways on how to avoid burnout like:

  • constantly remind yourself of your bigger mission,
  • reevaluate your current needs/wants,
  • simplify the existing schedule.

Somehow we still manage to get into the trap. To get out of it, I actually decided to cut back on anything I'm doing currently (podcast, community finder, newsletter and recoon) to actually understand what I'm enjoying. The process led to understanding - that I feel like myself   in text-format more then in any other; that my main goal is to help people spend less time on tedious tasks and all my projects are in one way or another tied to some kind of analytics.

So in that light, this newsletter is going to be something new. I won't have any particular order, just a mish of thoughts and fancy things I liked, bought and enjoyed during the last days of last month of 2020.

1) I don't know how about you, but I made a lot of "internet-friends" this year. It turns out twitter is much butter platform for socializing and finding great connections then LinkedIn. One of my character traits is that I loveeee~~~ giving gifts and can't do surprises at all. Just because I can't keep the present a secret. Having all that in mind I think gift guide for the curious minds by Ness Labs is amazing to have around. Because internet friends also need presents!

2) I was (and sometimes still am) toying with the idea of starting creative agency (something IDEO like). However, the thing that keeps me away is, say it with me sales. B2B sales is something I'm afraid of maybe even more then COVID, who knows, however this course is giving me hope. The Agency Course made by Matthew Paik is a huge resource if you want to go the agency-route as well.

3) Digital privacy is very important to me (said a person who still has a Facebook account). If we take that last bit out, still I care a lot about being mindful of the places I leave my digital footprint. I think Open Subscription Platform is a nice project where you can check out which subscription platforms are also mindful of their data.

4) I wrote an article about revenue streams for communities which was a huge success. Now I want to share one more interesting gold mine of an article ~~ if you want to monetize your community, newsletter or any other media company. Check out All The Ways To Make Money In Media Without Ads.

5) As a person who monetizes a newsletter, I'm here the first one to say that it's a lot of work. It looks like only a notion page and a form, whoever there's a lot of communication involved. In this Self-Service Ad-booking System you can actually reduce a lot of steps in your process. A great guide on how not only monetize the newsletter, but any other media startup.

Do you see what I did there? I just changed the last word of the exact same sentence from the previous point. How ~~~creative ~~~

6) A new tool alert for community builders - pe•ple. Launched early last week it looks like one more option to starting a community from scratch. I think I'll share my sentiments about community building tools in one of my upcoming issues, but I think a true all-in-one platform is lacking in the space right now. What do you think?

7) A media operator - the newsletter I absolutely love, a podcast that I never miss is not on Substack anymore.

I have shared how I feel about Substack in one of my previous issues  (in short I hate it). The reasons why A media operator newsletter is no longer operating on substack is much more grounded then mine, it's simply not enough if you want to create a viable business. I think you should definitely give the article a read if you plan to start a newsletter on substack, or frankly on any other publication management platform.

That's it from me, for the issue #22. Thanks for being around, and we are closing in to the second to last issue of the year.

The issue #23 will have the best of the best from creator world. The most popular community stacks, how the community landscape changes, tools that creators are using the most and more.

Stay tuned for the last bang of 2020.

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With 💛 from Armenia,


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