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1 crypto project, 1 guide for community builders, and Substack but better

This week is about a crypto project I LOVE, 2021 year in review and how we can fix the problem of notifications.

Anna Grigoryan
Anna Grigoryan
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1 crypto project, 1 guide for community builders, and Substack but better

We have 2 more weeks of 2021 😯

(I almost typed 2020 here, so you know where my head is left!)

Which means we have 2 more issues left for Community Weekly.

Amazing isn't it? Last year this newsletter still was called "Community Finder".

Shout out to people who know complicated history of this publication!

Next week's issue will be centered around 2021 year in review from the publication's perspective, and also updates on the Community Weekly, things that might change, and things that stay the same.

The last issue of 2021 will be about the best of the best of 2021. The timeline of community space and creator economy from my perspective categorized in Notion workspace.

Let's get into it, and slowly wrap things out!

Tools for builders


I discovered this platform recently and I think this is very close to a creator platform that I would build.

Vocal is a platform for writers focused mainly on fiction writers.

5 short reasons why I love Vocal:

1/ No transaction fees (other then Stripe fees) for writers if you upgrade you pay fixed monthly or yearly fee.

2/ Multiple ways to monetize your writing (through subscriptions or through donations)

3/ You get money for the numbers of people who reads your post. So if someone visited your blogpost. Different rates depending on your payment plan.

4/ Easily organize crowdfunding for your writing.

5/ Grands and writing competitions for writers that have real money as prize. Isn't it amazing?

In short Vocal is the Mirror of Web 2.0 and I love it 🙌

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Drawer of Inspiration

1/ Step-by-step guide to community for founders
If you want 1 compelling article that will cover some basics on community building for startups I highly recommend this one.

Quote I loved: "The friction to joining a Slack community is low, but the friction to forgetting about a Slack community is also low. We wanted to build the muscle memory of logging into a new app, a distinct URL, and commit to creating a community that would justify this new habit."

It doesn't sugarcoat the process of community creators and management, and helps you to build a framework for your community discovery.

Which is quite overlooked by a lot of creators when they start a community.

2/ What designers can do about internet addiction
Notifications in current apps are used as a tool to bring back users to the platform. To add the feeling of the FOMO (gets intense Black Friday flashbacks).

We don't say something important we want to bring people in to increase the revenue.

I think as we build a new environment in our communities where people can feel safe and seen, we need to redefine the notifications feature.

And this guide is something that is sharing some strategies to do that.

3/ $STREAM by Water & Music publication
In short, $STREAM is a crypto project I don't hate, and Water & Music is one of the publications I love following and look up to.

In long when I see tokens launching I usually want to understand how is this new or interesting for the audiences. How it extends the experience of the community or maybe the niche itself. $STREAM checks all the boxes for me.

3 things I love about $STREAM launch

1/ It's centered on the community of Water and Music,
2/ It's about contributing your knowledge to the community.
3/ It's about contributing your knowledge to the music industry.

Love the concept and hope it continues to grow!

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With love from Lithuania,

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